CFI Student Discount | Upto 50% OFF!

You can get a CFI Student discount of 50% on its self-study plan to support your academic and professional pursuits. 

With the CFI student discount, you’ll surely have significant savings on your membership plan. However, there are some eligibility criteria for getting this discount. 

This article will teach you about the live CFI student discounts, how to get them, financial aid offered, and other deals, such as savings on annual subscriptions and Black Friday—Cyber Monday. 

Then, let’s get started!

CFI Student Discount: In A Nutshell

  • CFI offers a student discount on its Self-Study plan, providing a 50% price reduction. 
  • You must sign up using your university email address to get the CFI student discounts.
  • Currently, CFI is offering a 40% discount on all annual subscriptions for Self-Study and full immersion for everyone.

CFI Discount for University Students

Corporate Finance Institute offers students a significant discount on its Self-Study subscription. This exclusive offer provides a 50% reduction on the regular subscription price, making it an attractive option for students looking to enhance their knowledge in finance. 

CFI Student Discount
Source: CFI

CFI Student Discount Eligibility Criteria: 

Students must enroll with an active university-affiliated email address to be eligible for this discount, which means that students must use their university email addresses to sign up for the Self-Study subscription. 

This verification process ensures that the discount is only available to genuine students, not individuals not enrolled in a university program. 

Please refer to the table below to learn more about the CFI student discount.

CFI PlanActual Price DiscountDiscounted PriceSavings
Self-Study$497/year50% Off$248.5/year$248.5/year

Note: The discounted price does not account for any potential taxes that may be added to the final cost.

Now, let us move towards claiming this CFI student discount.

Step-By-Step Guide To Claim CFI Student Discount

To help you execute the process of saving up for your CFI purchase, follow the next steps. Rest assured that claiming your discount will take just four minutes. 

Follow the steps to get the benefits without any trouble. So, without further ado, let’s get you a student discount! 

But before we begin, remember that only students with valid university email addresses are eligible for a 50% discount on CFI.

Step 1: Visit the official CFI website by clicking here. 

Official CFI Website
Source: CFI

Step 2: Click on ‘Pricing’ from the menu at the top of the window.

Click On Pricing
Source: CFI

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to the pricing page. Scroll down to view the plans and pricing, then click on the ‘Get Started’ option for the Self-Study plan.

Click On The Get Started
Source: CFI

Step 4: Next, you will be directed to the ‘Create My Account’ page. Enter all the required details, such as your name, college/university email, and password, and click ‘Create Account.’

Click Create Account
Source: CFI

Step 5: After that, you’ll be taken to the “Payment” page. Enter all the details, such as the country, city, state/province, postal code, and card number.

Important Note: Signing up using your university email address will automatically apply the CFI student discount coupon when you checkout. 

Congratulations! You have saved up to $248.5/year on CFI Self-Study subscription plans.

If you are not eligible for a CFI student discount, let’s see your other options. 

Does CFI Offer Financial Aid?

 CFI Financial Aid
Source: CFI

CFI is not offering financial aid at present. However, there is hope that CFI will provide financial assistance.

The official CFI page says that it is actively working on creating a financial aid program for learners with financial difficulties.

So, you are not eligible for a student discount, and when CFI currently does not offer financial aid. You can always go for active CFI discounts and sales in such cases.

Active CFI Discounts

CFI currently offers a 40% discount on its annual subscription plans for individuals, including self-study and full immersion. 

Active CFI Discounts
Source: CFI Pricing

There are two discounts available for your benefit:

PlansActual Price DiscountDiscounted PriceSavings
Self-Study$497/year40% Off$298.2/year$198.80/year
Full-Immersion$847/year40% Off$508.2/year$338.8/year

Note: The discounted price doesn’t include any tax that might be applied.

You don’t have to do anything special to get this discount. The steps I have mentioned above for claiming a student discount apply to this plan, too. 

Instead of using your university email address, use your personal email to get this 40% discount on CFI today.

Are There Any CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

For a limited time, CFI generally offers a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale with a 40% discount on its courses and bundles. 

CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Source: CFI LinkedIn

In 2023, this online learning platform offered a similar 40% discount on its Self-Study and full immersion plans. 

Please refer to the table below to learn about its details. 

PlanActual PriceDiscountDiscounted PriceSavings
Self-Study Subscription$49740% Off$298.2$199
Full-Immersion Subscription$84740% Off$508.2$339

Like the Black Friday deal, CFI also offered 40% off on Cyber Monday in 2023. 

CFI CYber Monday
Source: CFI LinkedIn

However, as we have seen above, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were only valid for a limited time.

CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not currently active, but they are expected to go live in November 2024. Based on past year’s trend, we can certainly expect to get 40% off or more on CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday season 2024.

Stay tuned to the official CFI site, newsletters, and social media handles to know about such deals early.

Conclusion: CFI Offers 50% Student Discount!

If you are a student, the best option is to get a CFI student discount. CFI offers a 50% student discount on its self-study plan to support students’ academic and professional growth. 

However, you must provide a valid college or university email address to qualify for this discount. 

If not, CFI also offers a 40% discount on its annual individual plans for those who are not eligible.

Follow the steps mentioned in this article to get the CFI student discount in just four minutes.


Is CFI free?

CFI is not entirely free but offers a few free online courses with certifications, tools, and resources. 

Does CFI provide a refund?

CFI’s refund policy varies depending on the specific circumstances. For example, European Union citizens can get a full refund within 14 days of subscription. 

What is the maximum CFI discount?

The maximum CFI discount is 50% of the Self-Study subscription plan for students. The second most coveted CFI discount is 40% off on its annual subscription plans.

What is the CFI Black Friday discount?

On Black Friday, CFI offered a 40% discount on its plan. A similar discount is provided on the Cyber Monday sale too. 

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