CFI Coupon Code (June 2024) – 40% Discount Offer

The CFI coupon code is live and active. If you are planning to subscribe to the platform to boost your learning, now is the time.

Use the CFI discount given in this article to save money while maximizing your experience of learning from the best industry experts in corporate, banking, and finance. 

If you are not able to access the discount for any reason, do not worry! I’ve got you covered. I will also show you how to access discounts and offers alternatively. 

Active CFI Coupon Code & Discount | June Offers

This CFI coupon code currently offers a 40% discount on its learning platform. However, this discount is available only for individual subscriptions.

Here is a quick table of the offer details just for you.

CFI Pricing and SavingsSelf-Study MembershipFull-Immersion Membership
Original Price$597/ year$847/ year
Discount CodeLEARN40LEARN40
Total Saving40%40%
Discounted Price$358.20/ year$508.20/ year

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)- How Do I Get A Valid Discount Code?

There are two easy ways to get a valid  CFI discount code-

  1. Check their official page.
  2. Subscribe to their email list.
CFI Discount Code
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

CFI regularly offers seasonal and holiday special discounts. To see whether a discount is available, you can check their official page directly and go to the pricing section.

Next, you can choose to get their email list and receive discounts and offers straight to your inbox. When you sign in using your email ID, you start getting their updates, a few of which are usually discount codes, as shown in the image below.

CFI 30% Off
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

How To Apply The CFI Coupon Code?

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) makes difficult topics in the fields of finance and accounting easy to understand. If you are ready to absorb knowledge in an easier and more manageable way, follow the steps given below.

Step #1- Visit The Official Website

Click the “Pricing” button on the CFI homepage and choose the “ For Individual ” plan.

Visit The Official Website
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

Step #2- Choose The “For individual” Pricing Plans

 Choose the “ Enroll Now ” option for either of the two plans giving the discount.

Choose The “For individual” Pricing Plans
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

Step #3- Create A New Account/ Sign-in

If you do not already have a free CFI account, you will be directed to the page below to create a new one.

Create A New Account, Sign-in
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

Step #4- Enter Details

Once you create an account, you will be taken to the payment page, where you must enter your name, country, and card details

You will also see a space at the bottom where you can enter your CFI coupon code, as pointed out by the red arrow in the image.

Enter Details
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

Step #5- Place The Order And Get Your CFI Discount 

Once you have entered all the details, hit “Apply” to activate the CFI coupon code. Now click the “Place order” button. Your account will be ready, and you will see your dashboard.

Place The Order And Get Your CFI Discount 
Source: Corporate Finance Institue

Benefits Of Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Membership

If you need to understand what these membership plans of a few hundred dollars can get you on CFI, look no further!

  1. The membership gives you access to all the courses available on the CFI Learning Platform.
  1. With the full immersion membership, you get all the perks of the self-study plan and one-on-one sessions with expert instructors from CFI.
  1. The paid membership gives users access to ready-to-use financial models & templates.
  1. The top-end plan also includes one personalized review per week on your financial model and one review of your resume and cover letter per month.
  1. Paid members have access to all 6 accredited certificate courses and 9 Specialization Programs, which can help them deepen their proficiency.
  1. Only Paid members can get hands-on practice on the platform, as they can access Quizzes, Assessments, and Case Studies.
  1. You also get CPE or CPD credits when you successfully finish your assignments and quizzes on CFI.
  1. Get free or discounted access to research or analytic platforms when you subscribe to the total immersion membership.

Corporate Finance Institute(CFI) Pricing & Membership

Here is a table that includes all the important details users generally need to check. Take your time to refer to it.

CFI Pricing Plans
Comparison CriteriaBasic/ Individual CourseSelf Study Full immersion 
Price$297.00 to $497.00$597$847
Discounted Price$358.20$508.20
Free Trial
Best forUnderstanding TerminologiesUnlimited access to all Certifications & SpecializationsPersonal Guidance and review 
No. of Courses1 course5,000+ lessons & 200+ courses5,000+ lessons & 200+ courses
No. of certificate1 certificate per courseUnlimitedUnlimited
Accredited Certifications
Community  Access
One-on-one service

Does CFI Offer a Refund?

CFI  doesn’t offer refunds on its membership plans or individual courses. Once you subscribe to the platform, you can use CFI for your subscription period and then unsubscribe by the end of it to ensure it is not auto-renewed for the next year.

NOTE- A 14-day refund is available only for citizens of the European Union.

Free Courses To Try On Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

If you are wondering how the courses on CFI are, use the following suggestions of 5 free courses hand-picked for you.

1. Fundamentals Of Credit

In this beginner-friendly course, you will learn the basic terminology given in the table below. 

Fundamentals of Credit
Time Investment2 hours
What will you learn?Credit and capital expenditure, 5 Cs of Credit, risk assessments, financial ratios 
Who benefits?Bankers, credit analysts, real estate lenders, equipment finance, brokers, and private (non-bank) lenders

Once you have understood the terminology, you will also be introduced to how things like credit and capital expenditure work, their structure, and more.

2. Introduction To ESG

ESGs full form is Environmental, Social, and Governance, and this course will teach you all the fundamental ESG frameworks.

Introduction to ESG
Time Investment1.5 hours
What will you learn?ESG and its issues, SRI, Corporate Pressures & Stakeholder Expectations, Key Considerations for Companies & Investors
Who benefits?Research analysts, banking and investment professionals, or business and finance students  

What I really liked about this course is that it uses case studies and real-life examples, which helps learners understand the real-life use and implications of ESG.

3. Introduction To Business Intelligence (BI)

This course can be an introductory chapter for novices and a source to refresh one’s knowledge of BI. 

Introduction to Business Intelligence (BI)
Time Investment1 hour
What will you learn?Introduction to business intelligence, asset management, data analysis, quantitative analysis, BI tools 
Who benefits?Students and professionals working with data and want to learn BI.

It provides knowledge of key roles and processes involved in BI and helps learners understand its distinguishing features from data science.

4. Capital IQ Fundamentals

Capital IQ (CapIQ) is a platform used in the finance world to conduct research, valuation, and analysis related to equity, investments, banking, and more. 

Capital IQ Fundamentals
Time Investment2 hour
What will you learn?Companies, Research, Markets, Screening, Charting, Coverage, Projects, and Portfolios using Capital IQ platform
Who benefits?Finance professionals

This course will teach you how to use the CapIQ platform and its Excel Plug-in.

5. Corporate Finance Fundamentals

If you want to build a career in investment banking, equity research, private equity, corporate development, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), or treasury, this is a beneficial course for you.

Corporate Finance Fundamentals
Time Investment2.5 hours
What will you learn?Capital markets, capital raising process, business valuation, debt securities, equity securities
Who benefits?Investment banking enthusiasts

If you already work in the above-mentioned fields, the Corporate Finance Fundamentals course will help you brush up on the key terminologies used in your field.

Conclusion- Save Up To 40% With These CFI Coupon Codes!

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) discount code is excellent, as users get a year’s membership at 40% off. The offer is valid only for individual account plans, namely, Self-Study Membership or Full-Immersion Membership.

If you want to save $208.8 on the self-study membership plan or $338.8 on the full immersion membership plan, this is your chance.

With the Corporate Finance Institute membership, you can make your corporate and finance work journey easy while making significant savings. 

Hurry up! The CFI coupon code discount might expire soon. If you missed grabbing this offer, do not fret. Use my tips from this article to find more ways to keep track of CFI discounts!


What is the maximum discount for CFI?

CFI’s discount changes often. On special occasions, it offers a generous 50% to 60% discount.

Is CFI certification worth it?

Corporate Finance Training certificates are accredited, and their courses are taught by renowned industry experts, making them famous and worth it. 

Is CFI good for beginners?

Corporate Finance Institute is a good option for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level learners, as it offers courses for all levels.

How many times can you take the CFI exam?

As long as you have the membership, you can take the CFI exam as many times as you want at no extra cost. You only have to wait 30 days before you can retake it after a failed attempt.

Does CFI provide a refund?

CFI is currently not offering refunds on its subscription services. However, as per the law, a 14-day refund policy on CFI applies only to the citizens of the European Union.

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