CFI Thanksgiving Sale 2024 → Is It Available?

Corporate Finance Institute does not offer a Thanksgiving sale on its membership plans, but it does have a huge 40% discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday around that same time. However, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2024 are not yet active. 

However, you can use CFI’s current offerings with a 40% discount on Self-Study and Full-Immersion plans. 

In this article, I’ll explain what CFI offered during Black Friday sales & Cyber Monday discounts and what you should be expecting this year. In addition, I have also added the discounts you can pursue that are currently available.

So, without stalling, let’s get into the article that will prevent your pockets from getting lighter.

CFI Thanksgiving Sale: Key Pointers

  • CFI does not provide a Thanksgiving discount. 
  • You can get a 40% discount on CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which are currently inactive.
  • Currently, CFI is offering 40% off on its individual plans with a CFI coupon code and a 50% discount for students.  

Does CFI Offer A Thanksgiving Sale?

CFI does not offer a Thanksgiving sale. It has no history of offering Thanksgiving discounts on its plans for users. 

However, you can benefit from the CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Thanksgiving is celebrated on Thursday, the next day is Black Friday, and the first Monday after that is Cyber Monday. Therefore, CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are offered around the same time as Thanksgiving Day. 

Even though there is no Thanksgiving sale, having Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts compensate for it. 

So, let’s examine the CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

CFI Black Friday

On Black Friday 2023, CFI offered an impressive 40% discount on its Self-Study and Full-Immersion plans, valid until November 24. This year, it is expected to go live in November.  

Here are the CFI Black Friday discount plans and deals.

Plan40% DiscountActual PriceDiscounted PriceSavings
Self-Study Subscription✔️$497$298.2$199
Full-Immersion Subscription✔️$847$508.2$339

Note: The discounted price does not account for any potential taxes that may be added to the final cost.

CFI Black Friday
Source: CFI X

Black Friday is always followed by the Cyber Monday discount. Let’s see what CFI offers during its Cyber Monday sale. 

CFI Cyber Monday

In 2023, Cyber Monday was November 27, and CFI offered 40% off its plans. This discount was very similar to the Black Friday discount. 

CFI Cyber Monday
Source: CFI LinkedIn

The 40% discount was specifically applicable to the Self-study plan. However, as we have seen above, it was only valid for a limited time.

These discounts are usually announced on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday), immediately after Thanksgiving Day, which is on November 28th this year.

Additionally, CFI is known to extend its sales over the weekend, so deals can be found on Saturday and Sunday. However, the exact availability of deals may vary from year to year.

However, the important thing to remember is that neither CFI Black Friday nor Cyber Monday is active right now. You can expect similar discounts this November.

If you don’t want to wait till November to get a 40% discount on CFI plans, you can try currently available CFI discounts. 

Active CFI Discounts And Offers

CFI regularly offers discounts on its membership plan to make its courses more affordable. Currently, CFI is offering two deals: 40% off Self-Study and Full-Immersion subscriptions and 50% off Self-Study for students. 

Let’s get into the details.

1. 40% Off On Membership Plans With CFI Promo Code

CFI frequently offers discounts to make its plans more accessible. This time, it is offering a 40% discount on Self-Study and Full-Immersion subscriptions. 

Here’s a table displaying details about the CFI coupon code discount. 

Plan40% Discount CodeActual PriceDiscounted PriceSavings
Self-Study SubscriptionJUNE40$497$298.2$199
Full-Immersion SubscriptionJUNE40$847$508.2$339

Note: The discounted price does not account for any potential taxes that may be added to the final cost.

To take advantage of the 40% discount, you must use CFI discount code JUNE40 at checkout. 

Membership Plans With CFI Promo Code
Source: CFI email promotion 

Since this is a limited-time offer, be sure to act quickly to claim your discount.  

CFI Pricing
Source: CFI Pricing

This 40% discount is not the only one currently available. CFI also offers a student discount of 50% on a self-study subscription plan. Let’s examine the discount in detail.   

2. CFI Student Discount

Corporate Finance Institute offers students a significant discount on its Self-Study subscription

This exclusive offer provides a 50% reduction on the regular subscription price, making it an attractive option for students looking to enhance their knowledge in finance. 

CFI Student Discount
Source: CFI Student Discount

CFI Student Discount Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. To qualify for this discount, students must enroll with an active university-affiliated email address
  2. This verification process ensures that the discount is only available to genuine students, not individuals not enrolled in a university program. 

Please refer to the table below to learn more about the CFI student discount.

CFI PlanActual Price DiscountDiscounted PriceSavings
Self-Study$497/year50% Off$248.5/year$248.5/year

Note: The discounted price does not account for any potential taxes that may be added to the final cost.

Where To Find CFI Discounts?

To get the latest news on the CFI discounts, you can sign up for the CFI newsletter and follow social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X) to stay updated on the latest discounts. You can also frequently visit the official CFI site, which often releases the newest coupon codes. 

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Conclusion: CFI Does Not Offer A Thanksgiving Discount!

That’s true! Even if CFI does not offer Thanksgiving deals, it offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around the same time, so that does not make much difference. 

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are far away, you can take advantage of CFI’s active discounts. The currently available discounts also offer a 40% discount, so you are not missing anything. 

CFI has great courses and certification programs; grab a discount and get these courses cheaper. 


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